Bill is the father of three, an active baseball coach, and serves at C3 Church in Orlando, Florida. He has spent 28 years traveling the world and performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people as a sports entertainer/professional wrestler​. He was also the head coach of the WWE developmental system in Orlando. Bill ​has a background in television and entertainment. ​He now travels across the country as the lead speaker for the foundation, introducing Keri Anne to law enforcement, students, and various community groups in hopes of inspiring and educating others about drunk and impaired driving, and how the decisions people make effect others. 

Jacob Demmon  

Byron Bledsoe 

Frank Imparato - Vice President 

Byron is the founder and senior pastor at C3 Church in Orlando, Florida, and a leader in the community. A native Texan, Byron and his wife have lived in Florida since 1998. He has four children and four grandchildren.

Casey DeMott

Officer Imparato has been a Law Enforcement Officer with The University of Central Florida Police Department since June 2011, where he is recognized for being a Drug Recognition Expert, Traffic Homicide Investigator, Instructor, and Field Training Officer. He speaks regularly to faculty, students, and community organizations about the dangers of drunk and impaired driving. 

​​​The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation

Courtney Long 

Casey is in charge of marketing for the foundation, including the social media accounts and the website. She is a graduate from Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a minor in Management. Casey currently works for a local credit union. As Keri's older sister, she works with her brother Billy to make sure that their sister's life and legacy is shared with everyone. 

​Courtney works in the Seminole County Public School System at Evans Elementary, where she has been teaching for the past 15 years. She is a devoted wife of 11 years, and mother of three children. Outside of work, Courtney and her husband Nick enjoy coaching and supporting their kids with their various extracurricular activities.  

Bill DeMott - President and Founder

Kathy Gelm - Treasurer 

Jacob is a graduate of Astronaut High School in Titusville, Florida, where he currently coaches track and field. He is also studying Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida. Jacob is Keri's boyfriend. In December of 2015, Jacob and Keri were set to be engaged. Like the DeMott family, Jacob and his family have been directly affected by this tragedy. He helps us share Keri's story with the community and works hard to make sure that her life and legacy lives on through the foundation.

​Kathy is mother of three, and a business owner. Kathy and her husband Todd own and operate three local business out of Geneva, Florida: Todd and Son Tractor Service, Inc., Geneva Beef Co. LLC, and K&K Materials, LLC. 

Lacey DeMott - Secretary 

Lacey is a devoted wife and mother of three. Lacey is a successful business owner in the beauty industry in which she has worked for the past 20 years. She is also an avid volunteer, serving at her church, working with  the PTA, and is both room mom at school and team mom at the baseball field.