​​​The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation

5K Walk/Run Launching Awareness T-Shirt

If you're attending our 5K on May 12th, or would like to help support the KAD Foundation and the Titusville Police Youth Foundation, you can purchase your commemorative T-shirt on Booster.com for a limited time. Women's and kid's sizes are available. All proceeds directly benefit both the Foundation and the Titusville Police Youth Foundation. 

Click this link to buy your shirt(s) directly from Booster.

Hashtag Window Decal

The#KeriAnneDeMottMatters decal represents everything the foundation stands for in one sticker. Orange was Keri's favorite color, and the hashtag proudly represents Keri's story and her mission to change the world. We now have decals available in red and purple as well! DUI enforcement officers and civilians across the country have these stickers proudly represented on their vehicles. 

Price: $6.50 each ($5.00 + $1.50 shipping fee)

Welcome to our merchandise page! Here you can purchase some popular items that help support the foundation's mission to create awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Simply choose the item you would like to purchase and click "Buy Now". We accept PayPal, debit, and credit cards. Items take up to two weeks to ship. Thank you for supporting The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation!

Foundation Bracelet

​These rubber bracelets represent the foundation's colors and starfish logo. They are printed in white with "The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation" on one side, and "#KeriAnneDeMottMatters" on the other. 

​Price: $6.50 each ($5.00 + $1.50 shipping fee)


                                                                       Thank You for your Support!

On behalf of The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation and the DeMott Family, I would like to personally thank you for your donation and support.

We would like you to know that every bracelet, window decal, and donation gets the Foundation into another high school, university, or youth group. We can continue to work on legislature pertaining to drunk and impaired driving, and we can continue our partnerships within the community. You are also helping to provide scholarships to students as well as law enforcement officers to continue their education.

We would love it if you would post on our social media pages using the hashtag
#KeriAnneDeMottMatters. Please continue to follow the Foundation and see how your donation and support are helping us continue to educate, inspire, and motivate others. 


Bill DeMott – President / Founder